Our Story


Our founders Chandon ‘Ross’ Ward and John Thurman always loved going to family owned businesses that focus on community, customer loyalty, familiarity, and freshness. That’s why they decided to open their own restaurant, which is today proudly named Sauced and Loaded Wings. 


At Sauced and Loaded Wings our owners and team aim to provide a meaningful experience. We take pride in caring about our customers and serving the community around us. We want every person who interacts with our business to feel like they are part of the Sauced and Loaded Family. We build relationships and provide outstanding customer service for an experience that can’t be beat!




The Sauced and Loaded family takes pride in working with a wide variety of charities and organizations within the Arizona Community that give back and help people build a better life.


Through efforts to support the youth in our community, we have sponsored events for local Arizona high schools: Apollo, Moon Valley, and South Mountain.

We also host a backpack drive with First Institutional Baptist Church in Phoenix, helping kids in need acquire the proper supplies they need for the schoolyear. 

We'll also be sponsoring a Women's Empowerment Conference in the spring of 2022 that helps build, grow, and empower women in business. 


During the holiday season we partner with the Magic Wishes Foundation, a non-profit that donates food and toys to families in need, and with the Victorious Women Ministries, where our owner Chandon ‘Ross’ Ward dresses as Santa to fulfill families Christmas wishes.


 Through a personal connection within the Anthony Flores’s Blessing of the Families Foundation, John and his family have sponsored a family for Christmas every year for the last six years, by providing them with all of the presents, food, and spirit they needed for an unforgettable Christmas. To make it extra special he plays Santa and delivers these gifts in Low Riders. And, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies and 5 certificates in Ministry studies and practices, John has been able to share these accomplishments he’s earned on his journey to change his life for the better through 7 years of mentoring troubled men and youth.



At Sauced and Loaded we aim to serve the community which is why we love bringing the Sauced and Loaded experience to each and every event we sponsor. Over the years we have participated in many festivals and fairs including the National Soul Brother’s 2 Day Food Festival, the 5 Day Tucson Rodeo, and even the 2016 Wingstock Contest - where our wings were awarded 2nd place! And, in the spring of 2022 we are excited to announce the launch of our mobile event catering service with our brand new Sauced and Loaded Wings Food Truck!  We can’t wait to see you at one of our next events! 



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