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Sauced and Loaded Wings

Wing Eating Challenge - Contest Entrance Fee

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Congratulations! You've been chosen to participate in the Sauced and Loaded Wing Eating Competition!

In order to participate in this contest the challenger must pay a $25 entry fee. Please use this page to finalize your entry into the competition within 48 hours of receiving this link. If no action is taken within 48 hours, your position in this months wing challenge will be forfeited. 

** DISCLAIMER: By submitting this payment you, as a contestant are confirming that you will be at Sauced & Loaded Wings at the date and time previously communicated with you by Sauced & Loaded. This is an entrance fee and includes the wings served to eat. This fee is not eligible for refunds. Only participants who have received this link directly from Sauced & Loaded are Eligible to participate. Participants who submit payment for entry who did not receive this link directly from Sauced and Loaded will not be considered for participation and will not be refunded if payment is made.